Bloc Sleeper Couch is easy to keep clean. The inner cover (covering the foam) is removable but not recommended, but in theory it is possible to take out the foam and wash the inner cover (machine washable, cold water.). only do this if absolutely necessary. 

Corduroy Ottoman Outer Cover
Washing Instructions - machine wash separately, gentle cycle, cold water.

No tumble dry for any of the covers inner or outer

Removing the outer cover to use as sleeper-couch
Turn over the bloc, unzip and flip back upright. Tug each of the four corners to loosen the outer cover and it will zip off easily

Putting the outer cover back on
Once Sleeper Couch has been used, it can wasily be turned back into Ottoman. - line up each of the four seams on the outer cover with the four sides of the folded up mattress. Fit each of the corners before pulling the cover all the way down. Once they're lined up pull the outer cover down on all sides. Flip over and do up the zip. NOTE - the outer cover is made to fit quite tightly to prevent the bloc from looking saggy when used for seating - as you are zipping it up, push the foam in slightly so that you don't need to force the zip.

One last thing, the label shouldn't be used as a handle. It's just there to look fabulous!